What is CarpeDB?
CarpeDB, a dynamic epilepsy genetics database sponsored by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Alabama, is now available to the public! Although information pertinent to the study of epilepsy genetics has been widely available online, researchers interested in the genetics of epilepsy were required to utilize various sources for data collection. CarpeDB serves as a novel source for epilepsy researchers by featuring scores of "epilepsy genes" and associated publications in one locus. Furthermore, multiple genes implicated in epilepsy are also implicated in other human disorders. Consequently, the use of CarpeDB need not be limited to epilepsy researchers.

Researchers are encouraged to submit new information to CarpeDB. To submit new "epilepsy genes" and/or candidates, simply complete the form contained here. Conversely, to submit new scientific papers and/or abstracts, complete the form contained here. Upon approval, your submitted data will be made available for public viewing.

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